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Felicia Moses MA, LLPC



I stand firm on the belief that you must believe and invest in yourself, so you can live the life your heart desires. There is no greater struggle than that of inner doubt.
– I know because I have been there.
– I know the fears, frustrations, and sadness of not feeling fulfilled in life.
– I know what it is like to question your gift, your talent, and your own identity.

As an empowerment strategist, I help you to move from feeling “not good enough” to owning your uniqueness and your “worthiness.” If you have been wrestling with fear and procrastination, my coaching program is here to guide and provide you with the strategies and tools you need to begin living your life authentically!


I’m Felicia

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University in Psychology, a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I have a diverse background in federal and state government policies and procedures. 

I am an advocate for social justice and have advocated in Lansing, MI.  I am an author, former radio/tv podcaster of the Brushstrokes Show, broadcasted in 175 countries weekly from 2018 – 2021.  I have changed the lives of many through my coaching style and approach.  As your life coach, you will be invigorated, motivated, and inspired to become the best version of yourself and to transform you into your “unique sense of self.”

My Coaching Breakdown


Let your heart guide the way, listen to it and be YOUR authentic self. “Become the Motivational You.”


Take a step back and see that what you need is already within YOU. “Become the Inspirational You.”


You are not Wounded but Restored. Restoration begins from the inside that radiates to the outer You that Shines bright to the world. “Become the Restorational You.”


Yes you can! Support the the new you & emerge as the flower that blooms in every season.”Become your OWN support system.”


You are amazing!! Positivity starts with you. Let the light in and step out of the darkness. “Become the Positivational You.”



Time to dust off the old habits and create the person you want to become. Believing in yourself means Re-directing YOU. “Become the Redirectional You.”

What Services I Offer


Relationships are unique. All relationships also have their set of challenges and require work. I am here to empower you in building the kind of relationship that both you and your partner deserve. Let’s work together to help you and your loved one set goals in your relationships and learn how to understand each other. Turning your relationship problems into powerful growth opportunities.


Are you ready to discover just how Uniquely M.A.D.E you are? I am here to empower you so you can move from feeling down and defeated to feeling like a true overcomer! Together we will discuss what your unique dreams and goals are and discover ways to successfully take action. It is time for you to maximize your potential and let your inner light shine!


Parenting is a special and unique experience that can bring great joy and fulfillment. I am here to support you in realizing that parents can burnout too; if they are not practicing self-care. I want to help you to discover your own unique way of parenting with less stress and more love and connection with your little ones.


Being a teen in today’s society can be challenging. There are pressures on every corner so I am here to empower you to put an end to comparing yourself to others and dimming your inner light! As your mentor, I will coach you into owning your uniqueness and grow your potential so you can be happy being you and reach your dreams and goals in life!


I met Coach Felicia when I was living without feelings and try sense of Identity I was in my own story a wander woman. Coach Felicia used her gifts and her passion and her own powerful process that TRULY 💯 HELPED ME TRANSFORM from the being a wandering woman to a wonder woman!


During the past three years, Felicia Moses has helped me face challenges personally and professionally. She is a compassionate person and has the ability to help people through difficult and challenging circumstances. She encouraged me to go after my dreams and to never give up. Felicia helped keep me centered and focused. She challenged my thinking, attitudes, and beliefs. She saw the potential in me that I needed to see in myself.


Coach Felicia is a reliable source of support and has helped me see a clear path during times when I could not find direction. Her knowledge as a life coach has had a positive impact on my life.


Daily Quote Of Inspiration

This is the day of your new beginning. The past is
behind you, look to the future.

Felicia Moses

Life Coach

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